Workshop – 21 september 2021

OH MY GOD!!!! Somebody pinch us!!!!

The time is finally here! After 1,5 years of virtual events, workshops and many many zoom calls it’s finally here. OUR IN-PERSON WORKSHOPS ARE RETURNING!!
As per government guidelines, all attendees must be able to show a valid covid certificate as proof of full vaccination.

With a grand reopening, we need a grand facilitator. And we couldn’t imagine a better facilitator than Mr. Dave McGowan himself!!

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to welcome you all back to in-person workshops! We’re going to ease you back into things, go through some basics and have a lot of fun.

After we’ve warmed up a little I hope to explore some new scenes by budding playwrights!

We’ll round things out with some fun improv games and performances.

Very much looking forward to seeing you folks!

7PM | Synge street CBS | IN PERSON!!!

And because it’s a party – the first workshop’s on us! 

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