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Workshop – 31 May 2022

Can’t wait for the return of this workshop series!

This week’s workshop will be facilitated by Theo Dennis. 

In the previous two workshops of this series we worked with Trust and Truth on stage: Who has the lead, is that clear and are we presenting something realistic. 

Then we added the element of Status: What are the relationships among the characters? Who has the highest status and what is it based on? 

In the third and final instalment of the series we will tie everything together while adding something we have probably all heard of before: What do I want? Why is my character behaving the way they are behaving? Would a person behave this way in real life and why? Using all these dimensions we will develop characters which we will then combine on stage.

Bring a pen if you can đŸ™‚

7 PM | Bunscoil Sancta Maria School, Synge Streetâ €

€10 for drop-in | €25 per calendar month⠀

We accept both cash and card.

Oh, and if it’s your first workshop with us, it’s FREE!â €

â €

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