Workshop – 8 March 2022

Hey there Drama Llamas! You ready for another week of fun?!

This week’s workshop will be facilitated by the ever awesome Dave McGowan

We’re gonna attempt to speed run a play. 

We don’t mean just the exercise reading lines as fast as you can to show you know them. I mean writing, casting direction, rehearsal and performance. Of course this will be chaotic and we don’t expect to fill theatres with our new work… but we do hope to touch upon some key elements of those processes and hopefully everyone will come away with something. 

Can’t wait to see what y’all create!

7 PM | Bunscoil Sancta Maria School, Synge Street⠀

€10 for drop-in | €25 per calendar month⠀

We accept both cash and card.

Oh, and if it’s your first workshop with us, it’s FREE!⠀

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