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Workshop Cancelled – 14 February 2023

There will be no workshop tomorrow, as we are busy preparing for our TWO Scene + Heard shows later this week!!

Weekly workshops will be back next Tuesday at the usual time. In the meantime, why not get yourself some tickets 😉

‘Show Time!’ synopsis: ‘Isabella: theater director colleague patient friend mother lover ex, is making her film debut, a biopic about her own life. But how does it end?’

Written and directed by Ciarán Treanor, ‘Show Time!’ will be performed by: Andrei Callanan, Carl Fitzpatrick, Carla Foley, Grace Moore, Jane Tuohy, Liam Murphy, Kate Cosgrave, Sarah N and Sorcha Herlihy. Tickets:

‘The Buried’ synopsis: ‘A successful writer returns to the home town of his youth, to find a missing childhood friend. A dark force from their past reawakens.’

Written and directed by Dave Curran, ‘The Buried’ will be performed by: Dave McGowan, Cathal O’Donovan, Lana Camilli, Becky Jenkins, Luke Bryan-Murphy, Jacqueline Carroll, Dan McCormack, Celeste Gil Castro and Liam Murphy. Tickets:

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