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Welcome friends to yet another fantastic workshop! It’s so good to have you here!

If tonight is your first night, we’re delighted to have you, and we hope you will have fun and enjoy yourself!

This weeks workshop will be facilitated by John Fox, and we hope you’ll have a fabulous time!

The workshop will be focusing on Comedy, and we will be exploring both improv and scripted comedy. John will be giving us tools to work with both of these forms of comedy.

Our weekly workshops run roughly from 7 to 9 pm, after which a couple of sneaky pints or non-alcoholics will be had! The members of the committee will take you there and make sure you won’t get lost!

What else is No Drama doing, you ask?

I’m glad you asked! No Drama has numerous fabulous theatrical activities to keep your eye on.


We’re super excited for the upcoming Shindig this Saturday!

The Shindig is our bi-annual showcase night, where our members have the chance to show off their writing, directing and acting skills.

This year’s Halloween Shindig will be hosted in the Teacher’s Club coming Saturday 30th of October. Hosted by our favourite podcast host: Seán Coyle.

Tickets will be available at the door and the afterparty will be held upstairs.

See you there!

Monologue Night

Our monologue nights are hosted every third Monday of the month. So if you missed this one, you have a few more weeks to prepare for the next.

In the meantime, put Monday 15th of November in your diary and start searching for those theatre pieces you want to share!

Any questions, ideas or thoughts – hit us up on


No Drama has an active writers group called the Scribblers. They meet bi-weekly, both virtual and in-person, on Thursday nights.

Do you write? Do you want to write? Join the No Drama Scribblers.



Keep joining us here every Tuesday, same time, same place! <3

Curtain Call: a podcast by No Drama Theatre

Seán Coyle (our host) speaks to people in the craft of theatre. We discover dos and don’ts, exchange knowledge, and dive into all things theatrical.

A podcast for theatre lovers, practitioners and beings.

Listen to us on Spotify, Apple Podcast, PodcastAddict or any of your other favourite podcast apps!

About the group

No Drama is an open and welcoming theatre group. We aim to nurture our members by creating a welcoming and easy-going environment; all the while encouraging our members to be all that they can be.

Read more about our mission statement here:

The No Drama Theatre Constitution is available online here: No Drama Constitution.

The No Drama Member Code of Conduct is available online here: No Drama Code of Conduct.

About the committee:

No Drama Theatre is ran entirely by volunteers. The committee aspires to meet monthly and are always here to help you with any questions, listen to your ideas and create opportunities for its members.

Roles rotate frequently, but you can always contact the committee at 


For all most recent information, check out our website:

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