No Drama Theatre are excited to announce that this will be their next production [subject to license]

Summary of Play:

Wyrd Sisters focuses it’s attentions on three witches; Granny weatherwax, Nanny Off and Magrat Garlick, that latter of whom sees her role in embracing bubbling cauldrons and occult jewellery, much to the annoyance of her sisters. They are trying their hands at being a coven and it isn’t going quite as planned. They’ve also vowed never to get involved in the affairs of the kingdom, but a murdered king, a baby prince, an angry kingdom and a mere fool cause too much trouble for them to ignore.

Wyrd Sisters is Terry Pratchett’s sixth Discworld novel published in 1988.

Production Information:

We plan a four night production running from Wednesday Nov 3rd to Sat 6th in The Teachers Club on Parnell Sq. We will have entry to the theatre from October 31st


The play features 13 main characters, 5 female and 8 male. There are also parts for extras.

Directing Crew:

We need to appoint a Director and Assistant Director for this production. The directing team will be mentored throughout the production. Due to the nature of the production and the timescale we need a director with some experience this time. Please email chairman@nodramatheatre.com ifyou are interested and detail any experience you have. You dont need to send a CV just a brief breakdown will suffice.

The position of assistant director is does not need experience but, as with the director, will require considerable commitment, dedication as well as time to make this work.

The closing date for applications is strictly a week from today, August 6th.

Production Crew:

As with all our productions we will need helpers back stage and in technical roles. Please drop an email if you are interested in working on the production crew and mention any role preference you may have. A strong crew will be vital for the success of the production!

Date of Auditions:

We will announce the date of auditions once the directors and main production roles (Production Manager, Stage Manager) have been appointed but they will be held in late August. More details to follow!

Please note: Scripts will be available once the liscence has been secured but there are versions available on the internet.

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    Hey Folks,
    Dont forget to put your name down for any of the lead production roles by tomorrow. Oh yeah…. and you might want to clear your diary for the next two and a half months!

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