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Gooseberry Rules

Massive congratulations to the director Nikhil Dubey and cast of ‘Gooseberry’ – Dan McCormack, Declan Ryan and Paul McGrath – who placed first in the Ballina One Act Drama Festival. Special thanks to techie Keith Cooper & writer Hugh Cardiff!

Say what?

Directed by the lovely Nikhil Dubey, ‘Gooseberry’ after it’s storming performance at this year’s summer Shindig is being taken to stages around Ireland as part of the the One Act Circuit.

What’s the craic with it?

Three farmers in a small town, Ireland, are life-long mates and go to Bernie’s pub every Friday. But when two of them fall for each other, the third has to come to terms with what his future holds.

Deadly buzz! Where and when can I see it?

  • Ballina: Ballina Arts Centre on 7th November
  • Letterkenny: An Grianán Theatre on 13th November
  • Ballymahon: Bog Lane Theatre on 14th November
  • Goresbridge: Ionad Dara Theatre on 19th November
  • Happy Christmas from walrus santa ( and No Drama)

    Santa walrus

    .. Or indeed, happy winter festival of your choice from all at No Drama HQ!

    We’re finished up for the festive period, after a very successful Shindig and Theatre Lovett workshop (and of course our wonderful Chalk Garden!).

    On January 6th We will return with the first of our new year regular workshops, New members welcome (as usual!)

    As always questions, suggestions, requests, ideas, scripts, offers of help and cryptic comments should be directed to

    We know you probably can’t go for such a long period without your No Drama fix, so here’s a little collection of No Drama videos you can dip into while eat your christmas pudding..

    Just a reminder

    Workshops returned last week, great to have everyone back after the break. We announced a few things which we’re sharing here now.

    – We’re looking for submissions for Director, Production Manager and Assistant Director for our November Production

    – We’re introducing a few changes to the way workshops are run to ensure everyone gets the most out of them including split workshops and re-introducing specialised workshops.

    – There’s now a submission form for your suggestions to no drama  (there’s also a permanent link at the top of the site)

    That’s it for now , more to come in the next E-zine welcome to No Drama (or welcome back as the case may be)and hope to see you all next week!


    Gone Fishin’

    After the excitement of the five year anniversary bash, we’re on our holidays for the summer. I leave you with an example of the creativity the group inspires!

    5 year anniversary Cake..

    We’re returning from our summer break for the first workshop of the second half of the year on the 13th of August 7pm in Synge st. CBS.


    We’re back for 2013

    Hope the festive season has treated you all well and you have had your fill of turkey, mince pies and quality streets! This is a quick announcement to let you all know workshops are resuming after the Christmas break from tomorrow, Tuesday January 8.

    If you’re toying with a new years resolution to do something creative, why not pop in to a no drama workshop, your first one is free so you literally have nothing to lose but a little time!

    It’s a  great year to join us too ,  we’ll be five years running  this year and we mean to celebrate!

    Schools out for summer

    Very quick notice to let everyone know we are returning from our summer break for the first workshop of the second half of the year on the 14th of August 7pm in Synge st. CBS.

    Additionally all of our members are invited to the AGM which will take place on the 7th of August in Synge st. CBS at 7pm.

    Summer Shindig 2012

    The Return of the No Drama Shindig – June 2012!!

    It’s time for the Summer edition of the Shindig again. In Previous shindigs we have seen Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, tragedy, heroes, Super-heroes, Villains, exotic locations, monologues, dialogues, ghosts, devils, dancers and clowns. What will you bring to it this year?

    For those who have been missing out to date (shame on you!), the Shindig is no drama’s showcase night where our members direct, rehearse, costume design, makeup design together their own short pieces (approx 15 min each) , these pieces can be almost anything and as the above teaser text might indicate, the potential is limitless.

    We’re immensely proud of the Shindig and the opportunity it affords our members, it is always a great night.

    In a grand tradition of upping our production values every year, we are holding the next Shindig in a brand new venue on Saturday 30th June in the Pearse Centre!

    Submissions date is by 31st May @ 4pm and open to members only so start getting your acts together, see the next no drama e-zine for full details and requirements.

    image courtesy of xkcd

    Next Production: “Whose Life Is It Anyway?”

    Whose Life Is It Anyway?
    Whose Life Is It Anyway?




    (By Brian Clark)

    Dir: Neil Curran

    Wednesday May 9th – Saturday May 12th

    Sean O’Casey Theatre, East Wall, Dublin

    No Drama Theatre will present ‘Whose Life Is It Anyway’, a play that explores the controversial issue of euthanasia, from May 9th – 12th at the Sean O’Casey Theatre, East Wall, Dublin 3.

    Set in a hospital room, the action revolves around Ken Harrison, a sculptor by profession, who was paralysed from the neck down (quadriplegia) in a car accident and is determined to be allowed to die. Clark presents arguments both in favour of and opposing euthanasia and to what extent government should be allowed to interfere in the life of a private citizen. In portraying Ken as an intelligent man with a useless body, he leaves the audience with conflicting feelings about his desire to end his life.


    In Ireland, it is illegal for a doctor (or anyone) to actively contribute to someone’s death. It is not, however, illegal to remove life support and other treatment (the “right to die”) should a person (or their next of kin) request it – in other words, passive euthanasia is legal.

    Voluntary euthanasia is legal in a small number of countries in Europe, including Belgium and the Netherlands, where the process is physician-assisted. In Switzerland, assisted suicide is permitted and is the only country that will allow non-residents access to these services.


    Ken Harrison – Kevin O’Flynn
    Sister Anderson – Saskia Carroll
    Nurse Sadler – Ellen Hallinan
    Dr. Emerson – Brian Quinn
    Dr. Claire Scott – Sophie Van Het Erve
    John – Shane Robinson
    Claire Boyle – Pearl O’Rourke
    Philip Hill – Alan Rogers
    Ms. P Kershaw – Sinead Dunphy
    Dr. Travers – Cathal O’Donovan
    Dr. Barr – Albin Lahore
    Andrew Eden – Harry Walsh
    Justice Millhouse – Ken Ryan


    Tickets cost €12
    01 850 9000

    We’re Back!

    No Drama Workshops start again this Tuesday 10th January, 6.45 Synge St. CBS.
    This weeks workshop is led by Shane Robinson.

    All welcome, as usual (your first class is free of charge!).

    We’re also be going to be announcing details of audition dates for the next production!

    Shindig Congratulations

    Congratulations to all our shindig performers, Directors,Writers and organizers for making it a great night!

    * Only Visiting
    Dir: Shane Robinson
    Cast: Justyna Koss, Sophia Isabella

    Only Visiting
    Only Visiting

    * The Storm
    Director: Jonathan Shortall
    Writer:Christopher O’Regan
    Cast: Keith Cooper, Sorcha Hennessy

    The Storm
    The Storm

    * I’ll Never Tell
    Director: Declan Ryan
    Cast: Ruairi De Burca, Cathal O’Donovan, Stephen Ryan,David Ryan

    Ill Never Tell
    I'll Never Tell

    * Pvt. Wars
    Director: Brian Quinn
    Cast: Brian Quinn, Dave McGowan

    Pvt. Wars
    Pvt. Wars

    * The Bottle
    Director: Neil Curran
    cast: Neil Curran

    The Bottle
    The Bottle

    * Inside It Feels The Same
    Dir: Shane Robinson
    Cast: Saskia Carrol, Erin Hug

    Inside it feels the same
    Inside it feels the same

    * The Wedding Story
    Dir: Keith Cooper
    Cast: Lina Jalala, Keith Cooper, Ellen Hallinan

    The Wedding Story
    The Wedding Story

    * Avengers Assemble
    Director: Brendan Dalton
    Writer : Erin Hug
    Cast: Joe McCarthy,Sarah Jane Murphy, Damien Holmes

    Avengers Assemble!
    Avengers Assemble!

    * Medium Sized Trouble In Little Big Land
    Director: Stephen Ryan
    Writer: Stephen Ryan
    Cast: Declan Ryan, Maria Dillon, Erin Hug, Cathal O’Donovan

    Medium Sized Trouble in Little Big Land
    Medium Sized Trouble in Little Big Land