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Cast Announcement!

No Drama’s production of ‘And Then There Were None’ will be gracing the Boys School stage in Smock Alley from the 24th until the 28th January 2017 for 6 performances.

And we are delighted to finally be able to announce our wonderful cast.

Back (left – right) – Adam Walsh (Sir Lawrence Wargrave), Declan Ryan (William Blore), Michael O’Kelly (Dr. Armstrong), Peter Blennerhassett (Philip Lombard), Noel Cahill (Rogers), Robert Shaw-Smith (General Mackenzie)
Middle (left – right) – Ciaran Treanor (Anthony Marston), Szabi Ferenczi (Narracott)
Front (left – right) – Kate Cosgrave (Vera Claythorne), Renée Van de Schoor (Director), Louise Dunne (Emily Brent), Triona Keane (Mrs Rogers)

Our Next Director

Announcement time!!

The Director of the next No Drama production has been selected.
The unbelievably talented Renée Van De Schoor will be stepping up to the directorial plate with Siobhan Hickey as Assistant Director.

Details on the play selected and audition information to follow in the coming weeks.

Get excited, people! It’s all go from here.

AGM 12th of July

No Drama will hold its Annual General Meeting this Tuesday 12th of July in Synge Street CBS at 7pm.

This is a great opportunity for our members to have a say in how we go about the things we do, to find out what happens behind the scenes and also air any issues or ask the Committee any questions (eg. What’s with all the fancy crowns and sceptres?!?).

The AGM will be our last event before we take a break for the summer. Workshops will start up again in mid-August.

Also very importantly there will be NO WORKSHOP on that Tuesday!


The Shindig will take place on the 9th of July and here’s the low-down:

The Shindig is the No Drama bi-annual showcase night where several short plays are chosen, directed, acted, and many written by all you wonderfully talented people.

Registration Opening: NOW! (Go! Go! Go!)
Registration Closing: Sunday 29th May

To take part, the director of the piece must email with the following:

  • Name of Piece
  • Writer’s name
  • Number of performers
  • Director’s contact details
  • Length of piece
  • Draft script of the piece
  • The sad news is that due to the demand for spots in the Shindig, the above detail must be included in order to be considered. Depending upon demand for the places in the shindig not all pieces might be accepted.

    It’s a great chance to try something new or different, or take on a different role, so here’s plenty of notice to start thinking about what you might like to do.

    The T&C’s (That’s T&C, not G&T)

  • All performers and directors must be paid-up active No Drama Theatre members in December
  • Participants are permitted to act or direct or both but cannot be involved in more than 2 pieces. Writing does not impact this requirement, therefore you can write as many pieces as you want!
  • The director is the main point of contact and is expected to liaise and coordinate with their team and committee as required.
  • The maximum permitted length of a Shindig piece is strictly 15 minutes or less.
  • If your piece is a copyright work, it is the director’s responsibility to secure performing rights. Performance rights can be secured via the Drama League of Ireland for most works.
  • Each piece is responsible for their own costumes, props and sets. All pieces are advised to keep their set, lighting and sound requirements to a minimum to facilitate a speedy change between performances.
  • Failure to adhere to any of the deadlines set out above or any instructions set out by the committee will result in your piece being removed from the show list.
  • All pieces and casts must be available on the date for the Rehearsal Review.
  • The selection process will be curated. We expect to have an average of 8 performances depending on timings.
  • If you are interested in performing or directing but unsure how to get involved, please let yourself be known at a workshop or post a message on our facebook page for other members to see!

    The committee will support you along the way; don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice!

    The Shindig is not a variety show, performance pieces only please!

    Gooseberry Rules

    Massive congratulations to the director Nikhil Dubey and cast of ‘Gooseberry’ – Dan McCormack, Declan Ryan and Paul McGrath – who placed first in the Ballina One Act Drama Festival. Special thanks to techie Keith Cooper & writer Hugh Cardiff!

    Say what?

    Directed by the lovely Nikhil Dubey, ‘Gooseberry’ after it’s storming performance at this year’s summer Shindig is being taken to stages around Ireland as part of the the One Act Circuit.

    What’s the craic with it?

    Three farmers in a small town, Ireland, are life-long mates and go to Bernie’s pub every Friday. But when two of them fall for each other, the third has to come to terms with what his future holds.

    Deadly buzz! Where and when can I see it?

  • Ballina: Ballina Arts Centre on 7th November
  • Letterkenny: An Grianán Theatre on 13th November
  • Ballymahon: Bog Lane Theatre on 14th November
  • Goresbridge: Ionad Dara Theatre on 19th November
  • Happy Christmas from walrus santa ( and No Drama)

    Santa walrus

    .. Or indeed, happy winter festival of your choice from all at No Drama HQ!

    We’re finished up for the festive period, after a very successful Shindig and Theatre Lovett workshop (and of course our wonderful Chalk Garden!).

    On January 6th We will return with the first of our new year regular workshops, New members welcome (as usual!)

    As always questions, suggestions, requests, ideas, scripts, offers of help and cryptic comments should be directed to

    We know you probably can’t go for such a long period without your No Drama fix, so here’s a little collection of No Drama videos you can dip into while eat your christmas pudding..

    Just a reminder

    Workshops returned last week, great to have everyone back after the break. We announced a few things which we’re sharing here now.

    – We’re looking for submissions for Director, Production Manager and Assistant Director for our November Production

    – We’re introducing a few changes to the way workshops are run to ensure everyone gets the most out of them including split workshops and re-introducing specialised workshops.

    – There’s now a submission form for your suggestions to no drama  (there’s also a permanent link at the top of the site)

    That’s it for now , more to come in the next E-zine welcome to No Drama (or welcome back as the case may be)and hope to see you all next week!


    Gone Fishin’

    After the excitement of the five year anniversary bash, we’re on our holidays for the summer. I leave you with an example of the creativity the group inspires!

    5 year anniversary Cake..

    We’re returning from our summer break for the first workshop of the second half of the year on the 13th of August 7pm in Synge st. CBS.


    We’re back for 2013

    Hope the festive season has treated you all well and you have had your fill of turkey, mince pies and quality streets! This is a quick announcement to let you all know workshops are resuming after the Christmas break from tomorrow, Tuesday January 8.

    If you’re toying with a new years resolution to do something creative, why not pop in to a no drama workshop, your first one is free so you literally have nothing to lose but a little time!

    It’s a  great year to join us too ,  we’ll be five years running  this year and we mean to celebrate!