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Harvey Production Crew

Our winter production is up and running and in the process of making it all pretty and cute. We are currently recruiting people to help out with the backstage side of things.

Some of the areas we are looking for help are:

  • Set Design
  • Props
  • Publicity & PR
  • Stage hands
  • Lighting and Sound Design
  • Costumes
  • Hair & Make up
  • Front of House
  • As well as these we are looking for people who may not have a specific area in mind but are happy to volunteer for all or part of the production.

    Please let us know if you are interested drop us a line at

    Rehearsals have started. Production meetings have begun. And Adam Lowe would very much like to know where exactly the ‘wazoo’ is.

    The Cast of Harvey

    After many sleepless night by our casting panel, we are delighted to unveil the cast for our upcoming production of ‘Harvey‘ by Mary Chase

    Elwood P Dowd – Greg Freegrove
    Veta Louise Simmons – Su Hamilton
    Myrtle Mae Simmons – Kate Cosgrove
    Dr Lyman Sanderson – Dave McGowan
    Nurse Ruth Kelly – Sarah Moloney
    Dr William Chumley – Raymond Lynch
    Duane Wilson – Paul McGrath
    Judge Omar Gaffney – Johnny Shorthall
    Mrs Ethel Chauvenet – Dorothy Godsil
    Betty Chumley – Christina Krug
    EJ Lofgren – Malcolm Bolton

    Well done to all the cast and a big shout out to all those who auditioned and made the job that little bit harder.

    If people want to get involved in the play in other ways we have just begun or recruitment drive for backstage. If you are interested in getting involved drop us a line at contact at nodramatheatre dot com.


    Our next play will be “Harvey” by Mary Chase.

    “Harvey” is the tale of Elwood P. Dowd whose best friend happens to be a 7ft tall talking rabbit.

    The play is set on the East coast of America in the 1940’s-1950’s (accent not a major concern).

    Director – Declan Ryan
    Assistant Director – Louise Dunne
    Production Manager – Adam Lowe
    Venue – Boys School, Smock Alley
    Dates – First week of December (TBC)

    Synge Street School
    3.30pm – 6pm

    Synge Street School
    7pm – 9:30pm

    Call Backs: 06/09/15

    Character Bio’s


    Elwood P. Dowd: 30’s-40’s; Eccentric, Fiercely likeable alcoholic, whose best friend happens to be a 7 foot tall talking rabbit. Elwood has recently come in a fortune due to his beloved mother’s recent passing.

    Dr William Chumley: Middle Aged; Head Psychologist at Chumley’s Rest, an institute he created, arrogant and conceited he fully believes there is no problem he can’t solve.

    Dr Lyman Sanderson: 20’s; Brilliant, but naïve young doctor of psychology at Chumley’s Rest. He has been personally chosen by Dr Chumley to be a resident doctor in the institution.

    Duane Wilson: 20’s; Orderly at Chumley’s Rest, enjoys strong arming the patients at the hospital, maybe a bit too much.

    Judge Omar Gaffney: Middle Aged; legally represents the Dowd family’s efforts to have Elwood committed and take over his inheritance


    Veta Louise Simmons: 30’s-40; Elwood’s older widowed sister, sees herself as a high flying figure in society, but comes across as being a bit too desperate, hopes to have Elwood committed in order to get his inheritance. Closest thing the play has to an antagonist.

    Myrtle Mae Simmons: 18-20; Veta’s bratty spoiled daughter, wants nothing but a rich husband and life of unearned luxury, she despises her Uncle Elwood and his best friend Harvey.

    Nurse Ruth Kelly: Competent member of Chumley’s Rest’s staff, has taken an interest in Dr Sanderson, but can have her head turned by another……

    Supporting Characters:

    Mrs Ethel Chauvenet: Elderly female, good friend with Elwood’s and Veta’s recently deceased mother – very well to do and ‘posh’.

    Betty Chumley: 30’s-40’s Female; Dr Chumley’s wife, kind and friendly to all she encounters she is quite taken with Elwood when she meets him.

    EJ Lofgren: a gruff but insightful taxi driver.

    Anyone interested in auditioning, please send an email (with your preferable date for audition) to the following email addresses or

    You will then receive an extract from the script to allow for audition preparation.

    Please state if there is any character you would really like to be considered for or any you don’t want to be considered for. If this is not stated, it will be left up to the director’s discretion.

    Directors Note:
    “Don’t be put off by my age descriptions, this really is my interpretation of the characters on the page – I fully expect this to be challenged and my mind blown with the sheer level of talent that exists in this group.”

    June 2015 Production

    Hi All,

    Dave here, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve got a shortlist of plays (see them at the bottom of the newsletter!) for Summer and that I’ll be the Producer for the upcoming play. “What does that mean?” I hear you ask, well, I’m glad you asked that question!

    Basically it’s now my task to pull together the key members of the production crew and then liaise with those brave souls on behalf of No Drama to make sure the production gets the attention it needs and keep the committee up to date as necessary.

    So without further ado, It would make my job a lot easier if you would put your name forward for one the following roles – Just send an email to , include ‘Summer production’ in your submission and send it by Wednesday 25th of February.

    p.s. Please note the short summaries below are just indicative and are not intended to outline a complete list of responsibilities

      Production Manager

    As Production Manager, it’s your role to organise all the work that needs to be done and free your partner in crime (the Director) to focus on the creative stuff as much as possible – you organise people and put a plan together to match the Directors Vision.

    You are in short, ‘The Boss’ when it comes to managing the day to day activities of the production.

    Some of the responsibilities include:
    – Recruiting the crew and maintaining the crew roster
    – Preparing a budget for the play.
    – Ensuring that there are no ‘gaps’ in responsibilities.
    – Solving Problems!

    If you’ve got good organisational skills and can get people motivated then you’re probably a great fit for this role.

    Don’t worry if you don’t know what needs to be done for a play.. We’ve got plenty of experience and reference material – If in doubt you’ve also got the producer (aka me!)


    As the Director, you will choose the play itself from a shortlist selected by No Drama’s members. You will take those dry and dusty words and bring them to life! You are the creative force behind the production, you choose your cast to match your vision, you set the tone and are able to clarify what you want to see from the Set through to the Make-up. It’s entirely down to your own style as to how much or how little ‘Direction’ you actually give.

    likely goes without saying but some responsibilities are:
    – Interpreting the script
    – Selecting an Assistant Director
    – Casting
    – Running rehearsals

    There are a couple of additional criteria for director, we do require some experience here and we love to see that experience come from within No Drama, but all experience is considered.

    I’d like to see candidate directors submit a script or play that they’d like to see produced as part of their submission, This is to give me an idea of the kind of things you like and you might treat the pieces from the shortlist.

      Assistant Director

    The assistant director is a second set of eyes, ears for the director and their sole purpose is to help the Director execute their vision.. the role varies a lot and is really determined by the Directors own style. It might be a creative collaboration or simply a sounding board, to protect the Director from anything that might disrupt or to act as a coach to the actors.

    Typical responsibilities include
    – Assist in Casting
    – Maintain rehearsal notes
    – schedule rehearsals/ rehearsal planning.

    The Assistant Director role is a must for those considering directing. In my opinion there’s no better way to learn than to watch someone else direct and learn form their successes and failures.The choice of AD is first and foremost the Directors, so if you apply please there may be a slight delay in responses as we confirm the director first.

      The Plays

    The shortlist for the Summer 2015 production is:

    ‘The Power of Darkness’ by John McGahern

    ‘Circle Mirror Transformation’ by Annie Baker

    ‘Witness for the Prosecution’ by Agatha Christie

    ‘Blithe Spirit’ by Noël Coward

    Caveat – we’re still awaiting rights confirmation on some of these

    The Man From Earth Wraps

    Our run of ” The Man from Earth” is over, the last pieces of the set have been removed from the theatre and there’s  very little left to do to close it out.

    Thanks to everyone who participated  and especially to the audiences who made it a success!

    We’re back to a normal workshop schedule from this Tuesday – do come along7.45 in Synge St. CBS.

    Cast and Directorial team

    Next Production: “Whose Life Is It Anyway?”

    Whose Life Is It Anyway?
    Whose Life Is It Anyway?




    (By Brian Clark)

    Dir: Neil Curran

    Wednesday May 9th – Saturday May 12th

    Sean O’Casey Theatre, East Wall, Dublin

    No Drama Theatre will present ‘Whose Life Is It Anyway’, a play that explores the controversial issue of euthanasia, from May 9th – 12th at the Sean O’Casey Theatre, East Wall, Dublin 3.

    Set in a hospital room, the action revolves around Ken Harrison, a sculptor by profession, who was paralysed from the neck down (quadriplegia) in a car accident and is determined to be allowed to die. Clark presents arguments both in favour of and opposing euthanasia and to what extent government should be allowed to interfere in the life of a private citizen. In portraying Ken as an intelligent man with a useless body, he leaves the audience with conflicting feelings about his desire to end his life.


    In Ireland, it is illegal for a doctor (or anyone) to actively contribute to someone’s death. It is not, however, illegal to remove life support and other treatment (the “right to die”) should a person (or their next of kin) request it – in other words, passive euthanasia is legal.

    Voluntary euthanasia is legal in a small number of countries in Europe, including Belgium and the Netherlands, where the process is physician-assisted. In Switzerland, assisted suicide is permitted and is the only country that will allow non-residents access to these services.


    Ken Harrison – Kevin O’Flynn
    Sister Anderson – Saskia Carroll
    Nurse Sadler – Ellen Hallinan
    Dr. Emerson – Brian Quinn
    Dr. Claire Scott – Sophie Van Het Erve
    John – Shane Robinson
    Claire Boyle – Pearl O’Rourke
    Philip Hill – Alan Rogers
    Ms. P Kershaw – Sinead Dunphy
    Dr. Travers – Cathal O’Donovan
    Dr. Barr – Albin Lahore
    Andrew Eden – Harry Walsh
    Justice Millhouse – Ken Ryan


    Tickets cost €12
    01 850 9000

    Resurrection Blues


    Ressurection Blues
    at 8PM
    November 15th – 19th 2011
    Teachers’ Club, Parnell Sq. Dublin 1

    Will you believe HIM?

    What will YOU do?

    A prisoner who can walk through walls….
    a dictator…
    a daughter….
    moral dilemmas….
    the mob mentality….
    an American TV crew….

    Could this really be the second coming of Christ?
    Could we really crucify again?

    Ireland has first-hand experience of the dangers of blind belief, be it religious, political or economical
    so Arthur Miller’s Resurrection Blues is strangely relevant in Ireland 2011.
    No Drama Theatre follows it’s sell out performance of Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy with this controversial
    yet comical satirical production.

    Have we learned anything in over 2,000 years?

    What will YOU do?

    No Drama Theatre presents
    Arthur Miller’s

    Resurrection Blues

    Directed by Brian Quinn
    November 15th – 19th 2011
    Teachers’ Club, Parnell Sq. Dublin 1

    Tickets €12 from
    An amateur production.
    By arrangement with Josef Weinberger Plays Ltd.

    Ecstasy Casting Announcement

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the moment you have all been waiting for.

    We are thrilled to announce the cast of the next No Drama Theatre’s production , Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy adapted by Keith Wyatt.

    Lloyd Patrick O’Callaghan

    Heather -Tracey Diamond

    Marie – Angela Carlin

    Ally – Joe McCarty

    Hugh – Ruairi DeBurca

    Amber – Ellen Nolan

    Hazel – Caoimhe Cooke

    DJ – Declan Ryan

    We wish them all the very breast of duck and extend our most gracious thanks to all those who took the time to audition!

    (image by christian kadluba)