Cast announcement – seminar


Lads it has been a year, let’s be honest, it really has, and we have so very badly missed our productions and giving you a show, so…

Without further ado, we are so delighted, excited and GIDDY to announce to you the insanely talented cast for our next production of “Seminar” written by Theresa Rebeck, directed by Corinna Reichle and assistant director Sean Coyle.

Due to the ongoing situation – that we shall not talk about – we couldn’t take a current photo of times when people actually touched each other, so we had to use one from the archives…when group photos were a thing, imagine that.

(From left to right)

Jane Tuohy

Greg Freegrove

John Lawler

Sorcha Herlihy

Andrei Callanan

Thank you to everyone who auditioned, you all did an amazing job, considering the unprecedented circumstances.

Keep an eye on our socials and website for more info on “Seminar”

Date & Venue – TBC but rehearsals are underway, so wear your masks, get your vac’s so we can all see you on the stage!

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