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Workshop (ONLINE) – 31 March 2020

It’s 7pm, Tuesday night folks, and if you can’t come to the workshop the workshop shall come to you!

Louise has put together a little video workshop on stage movement and the use of gesture!

This is the first of many video tutorials by different facilitators and the No Drama Committee are working hard to bring you innovative and creative mediums to have fun with – if anyone has any creative ideas and think they’d work well as always please feel free to drop us a line to discuss and feel free to advise us with feedback on tonight’s workshop

Stay safe peeps.

All in-person activities on hold.

Good afternoon all you wonderful members,

I hope you are all well and staying safe and sane during this anxious and uncharted time.

First of all, I wish to acknowledge all the good work and adherence made by all the members who attended the past few workshops. It is a testament to you all and the consideration you all hold for each other. With that in mind we, the committee, are implementing a suspension of all No Drama Theatre activities for the foreseeable. In line with Government and health authorities instructions and from our own concern for the health and welfare of you all, we feel it is the only way we can assist in the prevention of spreading this virus. 

What that means realistically for you all is the cancellation of the Tuesday workshops for the next 5 weeks, up until the 21st April. We will re-access after this when we have more information at that time and in compliance with Government restrictions of the movement and gathering of people. I have put this preliminary date in place as it will allow for Easter break but again all subject to change. With regard to any payment you have made as a member participating in the workshops, if you have paid for the month of March this will carry forward as of when the workshops resume. Elaine has a record of everything because she is amazing and diligent and we are thankful to her because of this.

The Monologue nights are also on hold, this means the March Monologue due to take place on the 23rd is cancelled and the one on the 18th of May is on stand by as of today. I would propose an alternative to this, that members could record, self-tape videos of themselves performing monologues and post them to our page on the day the night was due to take place. I think this would be an alternative way to keep you all as a group going, engaged and connected. 

Ok gang, that’s all from me. I hope you all remain calm and well during this, keep up your theatrical threads by reading some scripts maybe, watching classic old films, learn some monologues, try out different movement techniques or skype another member in to run dialogues. I think you are all brilliant and will get through this with kindness and compassion.

Big Love,

Louise and all the No Drama Committee, Elaine, Renée, Kate, Declan, Kieron and Sean.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Good morning all,

This post is with regard to measures for safeguarding No Drama members. The committee have undertaken the following steps and commitments to safeguard our members. 

1. Before a workshop, all door handles, posts, bathroom surfaces and surfaces in the meeting room and workshop room will be cleaned down with sterilizing solution.

2. This process is repeated after the workshop closes.

3. All members are required to wash their hands thoroughly upon entry to the school. Antibacterial wash is available in both bathrooms. This is stored in our press during the week and the school members or other groups using the school have no access to our cleaning products.

4. Money handling to be conducted with disposable gloves.

5. Greetings to be verbal rather than handshakes and hugs, a wave or air kiss is encouraged. Non-tactile warm-up exercises to be deployed by facilitators. Workshop scene work to be non-tactile.

6. Please ensure, as a member, if you cough or sneeze that you do so into a tissue that is disposed of properly. please provide your own tissues, we will en devour to have tissue available also.

7. If you, a member, have a low immune system, an underlying health complaint, are in close contact with an elderly person or person of underlying health concerns or young children please consider them and yourselves before you make the decision to attend a workshop.

No Drama is a voluntary society, we would ask that everyone practices good informed choices whilst attending the workshops. We will continue to operate our weekly workshops but as outlined in the points above, if a time comes where we are required and requested to suspend the weekly workshop we shall do so in accordance to health authority specifications.

As a group, we are committed to our duty of care of all our members and will enforce the above points strictly. If you feel unwell we would ask that you exercise the appropriate caution and not attend the workshops.

Kind Regards and the best of health to you all,

Louise and the No Drama Committee. 

‘Gaslight’ – Review

By Ciaran Milton

No Drama’s Gaslight at Smock Alley is highly recommended.

In one sense the staging of this play could not be more timely, given that its title has now become a byword for gender-skewed manipulation and bullying. In another sense it is a treat to watch a straight up stage-thriller from the forties performed so adroitly and, in a wise choice, without any ironic winks to the modern audience.

The cast are so game and committed that Patrick Hamilton’s plot mechanics are allowed to ratchet to their inevitable conclusion.

Elizabeth Ann Doyle is excellent as Bella Manningham, vulnerable to the exploitations of her husband – a schemer of mysterious intent who from the outset undermines her sense of worth and sanity – but maybe not as vulnerable as we think.

Philip Arneill as her gimlet eyed husband (and our evening’s antagonist) eyes his surroundings and anyone in his orbit with the right balance of entitlement, greed and, inevitably, fear.

Declan Ryan brings levity and charm to the occasionally oleaginous role of Detective Rough, the spanner in Mr. Manningham’s works.

The production is a huge success, and a wonderful thriller to be engrossed in for the evening.

And No Drama stalwarts Helen McGrath and Siobhan Hickey make sure-footed work of the roles of the maids caught in the proxy snares of the house – Elizabeth meaning only to work for both their benefit, but Nancy clearly eyeing the sides for her advantage.

Tickets: €15 | €12 student/OAP/unwaged concession

Tickets available from

Tinsel Kids and Jet Engine Joy – ‘Kate Crackernuts’ at Smock Alley Review

In this thoroughly modern piece, gone are the fairy folk and enchantments of the original tale, here replaced by rave-culture Tinsel Kids, and drug pushing seductresses. A headless sheep narrates, and interferes with, the action while the eponymous heroine struggles to find a cure first for her sister’s malady (waking with the head of a sheep, but not that one), and then that of Paul, her seduced and pill-popping object of desire. A man-sized baby with a magic rattle, and a dead-crow-stroking crone (seated on a porcelain throne) figure also. If that sounds like a lot going on, you don’t know the half of it.

Dublin theatre group No Drama are back with this must-see frenetic joy. Director Kate Cosgrave has chosen the bold and often startling ‘Kate Crackernuts’ for their latest effort, a mesmeric take on the old Scottish folk tale by American writer Sheila Callaghan. Veering wildly from disarming lyricism to disorienting, and frequently hilarious, physical comedy, the play and players conspire to keep the audience in a state of joyful surrender. Which if you’ve ever seen a No Drama production before, will probably come as no surprise.

That’s the gut-punch of this production. Somehow, while digesting themes of seekers seeking; beauty fading; wounds as transformation; compulsion and addiction; and individualism and escapism, the sheer protean vibrancy onstage means we the audience are never lost in the proceedings, only reeling. Callaghan’s elliptical and poetic dialogue (“The raver boy who has lost his milky way”, “Youth is all you have, you better unfold it loudly” and “Ride her. Spread her. Throw her at the sun” are fairly representative lines) is always beautiful as it careens from carnality to comedy, and back by way of catharsis.

The assured central performances of Megan Carter as Kate, Siobhan Hickey as her sister Anne, Shane Robinson as drugged and wasting Paul, and, (as the embodiment of Paul’s dislocated voice) Ali Keohane, are never less than compelling and hit an extraordinary range of emotional beats. Daniel O’Brien as love-struck brother Ralph, Greg Freegrove as both Kate’s mother and Paul’s father, Darcy Donnellan Poole as the above crone, and Dave McGowan as the headless sheep, all ground the action in levity with their consummate comic chops. Sorcha Maguire as Miss Prima brings a sultry side to inter-generational rivalry and locks in the threatening aspect of the piece. “Tinsel Kids” Stephen Madden and Therese Doyle make a virtue of the mind-boggling number of scene changes by doubling up as both blissed-out rave fairies and nimble stage hands.

The producer Louise Dunne has conjured an appropriately febrile and dream-like atmosphere, and assistant director Ciaran Treanor has nailed the technical aspects and marshalling. But ultimately all credit must go to Cosgrave who has pulled something quite extraordinary into existence.

So folks, if I tell you that this singular spell of enchantment is an absolute must-not-miss, will you please, please, for the love of all that is scared and profane, just go and see it already?

Consider yourself told.

Ciarán Milton


Do you write? Do you want to write? Do you want to be in an environment where it may compel you to want to write?

Enter the No Drama Scribblers!

The Scribblers is a writers group which is mainly (but not strictly) for writing for theatre. Currently, we meet every second Thursday at 8 pm. In these sessions we do short writing exercises, discuss our chosen Play of the Week, see if people are looking for feedback or help, share recommendations and more.

It doesn’t cost a thing and there’s no commitment.

The overall aim of the group is to provide a welcoming space for writers, both experienced and new, where members can help other members to develop their ideas to produce work that writers can be proud of.

Still interested?

Email to join or if you have any questions.

Heed, to the Mound – Dublin Fringe Festival

Heed, to the Mound as part of Dublin Fringe Festival, will be tomorrow on in the Complex from 2pm – 5pm.

Women taking up space: physically, vocally, socially, politically and economically. We are moving mounds through the political landscape of gender. We will command attention with respect, without apologies. This floor is our landscape, our journeys will mark it. We are building a roadmap. This is performance, this is action, this is ongoing. We need your presence, let us negotiate.

Saturday 22nd September | 2pm – 5pm | The Complex | Free and Unticketed.



New Chairperson of No Drama Theatre: Louise Dunne

After two years of serving this group, we would like to thank Johnny Shortall for all the hard work, beautiful productions, and unforgettable moments, he has created as Chairman of this group. We will not forget his contributions any time soon and we know his heart will never be too far from Synge Street. Don’t be a stranger 

And with that, we are thrilled to announce, that the amazing Louise Dunne will be taking over the reigns as our FIRST Female Chairperson! We are convinced that with her passion, creativeness, and love for theatre (and in particular of the No Drama variety) she will be able to lead the way to a landscape full of more opportunities, mesmerizing productions, and challenges.

Please help us in giving her a very warm No Drama welcome!


Hello No Dramians, have we missed you!

We are delighted to announce that our summer hibernation is finally at an end and workshops will be returning next week from the 11th of September in Synge Street School. We will be announcing more details over the weekend, but we are very excited to be for what promises to be a very enticing season of workshops!

Before that, however, we have the small matter of the AGM! This year’s AGM will be held on Monday the 10th of September at 8 PM and it is your opportunity to have input into the workings of the group and peer under the hood of its management. If you would like to attend please shoot us a private message or email to as we will be organizing a location based on attendance numbers.

Look forward to seeing you all next week for what promises to be the most exciting and fun No Drama term yet!

Workshops coming soon!

Workshops will return on Tuesday 12th of September!

We are carefully calibrating a curriculum of considerable classes for your consumption. Head of Education Renée van de Schoor will be taking the first workshop of the year and promises to bring an exciting learning experience for members old and new alike.

We have some very exciting projects to announce for the run into our ten year anniversary so please keep an eye out for a jam packed newsletter coming your way next week! If you are not on our mailing list and would like to join please email us (contact at nodramatheare dot com) and we will ensure that you are added immediately.