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Curtain Call – Episode 15

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A Conversation with Corinna Reichle

Corinna has recently finished her College course in Theatre Performance at ICFE and taken the ATCL exams in Speech & Drama and Musical Theatre.

Being member of NoDrama Theatre since 2016, she wrote for, acted and directed in several of their bi-annual “Shindigs“ and performs regularly at their monologue nights. She made her directorial debut with the original short play “Insomnia” in the 2018 Scene and Heard and was Assistant Director for NoDrama’s production of “Gaslight“ in December 2019.

She is beyond thrilled to have been chosen to direct “Seminar“ – despite all ups and downs during the last year“ – and can’t wait for people to hear the audio version, before we get to take the play to the stage in 2022.