You are currently viewing ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead’ – Thank You!

‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead’ – Thank You!

And so we say goodbye to Elsinore! ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead’ has come to an end, and what an experience it was!

Thank you to everyone who made the show everything it was.

Firstly all of to you, our audience! As the Player would say, you make our very existence viable! And we cannot express how grateful we are for the incredible amount of support and energy our audience has shown us throughout the show!

To our amazing director, Shivvy Hickey, without whom this spectacle would never have happened, thank you for trusting us with this very special and personal project. Your vision, your leadership and your tireless work led to something truly magical!

Thank you to our assistant director, Lana Camilli, for your continous support, enthusiasm and attention to detail!

Thank you to our producer, Malcolm Bolton, who took on many different hats to ensure the production was a success! As always you struck the perfect balance, offering both support and creative freedom to the cast and crew!

Thank you to Sorcha Herlihy for our incredible costumes and set pieces! Your work allowed the wonderful world of the play to come to life!

Thank you to our fundraiser quiz masters, Oscar Monaghan and Morven Cameron, for organising and hosting a record breaking success of a fundraiser! And thank you @kaleidoscopeireland for generously donating quiz prizes!

To our stage manager Cian Doherty and stagehand Dave McGowan, thank you for working tirelessly to keep everything running smoothly backstage throughout the week!

Thank you to our front of house crew, Geeske Juilfs, Kieran Leen and Saorla O’Dowd, for being the welcoming face of No Drama at Smock Alley, and for getting some amazing audience feedback videos!

Thank you to our lighting designer Éinne Ó Connachtáin, lighting operators RC Bates and Nick Sturman, and sound operator Malcolm Bolton for all your hard work and creativity in bringing the stage to life through light and sound!

Thank you to our photographer Ruth Calder-Potts and gaffer Remi for producing our stunning poster and promo imagery! Thank you to Shane Robinson for the beautiful graphic design that made these even more iconic!

Thank you Ruth Calder-Potts for our equally stunning cast and crew headshots, rehearsal shots, and programme design! We cannot get enough of your work, and thanks to you every member of the cast and crew now has a collection of beautiful headshots. You truly know how to bring out the beauty in everyone.

Thank you to our resident photography expert Fionn Bowes Fitzpatrick, for capturing some incredible in-action rehearsal shots!

Thank you to Dave Curran, our get-in and get-out driver!

Thank you to Smock Alley Theatre for hosting us and to all the Smock Alley staff who supported us throughout the week! And thank you to Victoria McQuaid and all at Bunscoil Sancta Maria, and Brian McDermott, Jamie Deasy and the team at Fuel, for providing rehearsal space and continuous support throughout the process!

And finally thank you to our cast… Andrei Callanan, Bronagh Donaghey, Carl Fitzpatrick, Declan Ryan, Ellen Corby, Gabriela Lima, Grace Moore, Jacqueline Carroll, Jamie Doyle, Jane Tuohy, Maurice Collins, Morven Cameron, Oscar Monaghan, Richard Neville, Sally Keogh and Shane Robinson! Thank you for taking us on this weird and wonderful adventure that will go down in No Drama history!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past few months!

All our love,
No Drama Theatre

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