You are currently viewing Winter Production 2022 – Dracula – Auditions 14, 18 & 21 September 2022

Winter Production 2022 – Dracula – Auditions 14, 18 & 21 September 2022

UPDATE: We have added an extra audition date on Wednesday 21st September (6:30-9:30pm). We are now taking requests for the 18th and 21st only, as the 14th is fully booked. Since the 18th is filling up fast we kindly ask anyone who can make it on the 21st to please book that date.


For No Drama’s Winter Production 2022, we are delighted to announce that we have chosen the timeless classic, Dracula!

In this revised story, we begin in London, where Van Helsing investigates the mysterious illness of a young woman, Lucy Seward, with the help of her father and fiancé. Van Helsing discovers she is the victim of Count Dracula, a powerful vampire who is feeding on her blood.

The play will take place in Smock Alley Theatre, Boy’s School, from the 13th to the 17th of December 2022. It will be directed by Dan McCormack with the support of assistant director Theo Dennis!

We are looking for you to help us bring to life one of the most beloved fictional characters in existence!

The casting for this play will take place via auditions on Wednesday the 14th (6.30pm to 9.30pm)and Sunday the 18th of September (4pm to 9.30pm) in Synge Street CBS. A number of the roles will involve gender-blind casting, so anyone can apply! The roles we are looking to cast are as follows…

The character of Dracula is to be played by three separate actors. Dracula is a true predator who mirrors who they’re dealing with, and the three roles all form up the character’s various personalities:

  • The Count (gender-blind casting) – The elder statesman. They convey authority and have a timeless, other-worldly feel. This character has lived to see all men’s kingdoms rise and fall and yet desperately wants to live among them.
  • The Lover (gender-blind casting) – The character that appears to Lucy. The Lover promises the excitement of adultery and seduces their prey by appearing safe and comforting – the Lover is not aggressive, they are reassuring and gentle – they are the true drug pusher that makes you believe you are safe in their grasp.
  • The Shadow (gender-blind casting) – This is the true form of Dracula, a monster who lurks in the shadows and in mirrors. This is a silent, physical role, almost mime and clown like in its presentation.

The other characters we are looking to cast are:

  • Lucy Seward – Lucy is our window into Vampirism. This is a very physical role as it must show the monstrous transformation through dance and choreographed movement. Lucy is an addict, desperately trying to hold onto the status quo of her life and her plans with Jonathan, yet is drawn to her darker, secret life through her continued rendezvous with the Count. She is lying to everyone, including herself.
  • Van Helsing (gender-blind casting) – Van Helsing is an eccentric academic, whose theoretical notions are challenged when they are faced with the genuine supernatural. This actor must be able to play the wild card humour of Van Helsing’s eccentricities and shift tone on a dime to command the gravitas to sell the sincere horror moments. Van Helsing dictates the tonal shifts from humour to horror in the play.
  • Jonathan Harker – Jonathan is traditionally a good intentioned fool who has gotten in too deep. Jonathan begins the story as a boy trying to catch up and must find his inner hero.
  • Doctor Seward (gender-blind casting) – Dr. Seward is a kindly doctor whose faith and worldview is challenged in the story. They must also convince us they have a daughter of Lucy’s age.
  • R. M. Renfield (gender blind casting) – Renfield is a tortured soul who has sold their sanity for a taste of immortality. Perhaps the most tragic of Dracula’s victims. They are a scavenger who is safe at a distance and very dangerous up close.
  • Miss Wells – The nosy housekeeper who can’t keep out of everyone’s business and is Dracula’s secret weapon.

If you are interested in auditioning, please send us an email at, choosing two roles you would like to audition for, and letting us know the audition date that best suits you! The deadline for applications to audition is Tuesday the 13th of September.

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