Workshop – 12 October 2021

Happy Monday darlings! This weeks workshop will be hosted by none other than our very own Malcolm Bolton.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of theatre. Without it, we would all just be individuals, selfishly vying for the spotlight! The focus on this weeks workshop will be on letting go, trusting your scene partner and collaborating to make magic.

Malcolm is an Senior Application Support Specialist with Zarion software, and the secretary of No Drama’s committee. Malcolm has been a regular member of No Drama Theatre for 8 years. He has performed in a wide variety of roles over the years, both onstage and off.

Outside of actively engaging in No Drama events, monologue nights and shindig pieces, he has also spent his time studying Improvisational Comedy and sketch writing with Mob Theatre Dublin.

See your lovely faces tomorrow!!

7 PM | Bunscoil Sancta Maria School on Synge Street | €10 for drop-in | €25 per calendar month.
We accept both cash and card! Oh, and if it’s your first one, this one’s on us!

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