Guys, tomorrow will be our LAST workshop of 2020, I can’t believe we are saying this, and Jaysus, what a year it’s been eh? Everyone at No Drama, and in this industry, had to dramatically change their life this year, and the whole aspect of theatre, workshops, auditioning did a complete 180°, so lads, we THANK YOU for sticking with us, for keeping our mighty group going, even in the darkest times when another Zoom call made us go “UGHHH ZOOM” lol.

No Drama was an outlet that kept on giving, so we want to thank our extremely hard-working committee and members, WE PREVAILED 💪☘💚Please join us tomorrow for a No Drama ALL STAR workshop with:

Malcolm Bolton

Andrei Callanan

Johnny Shorthall

John Fox

Elaine Carroll

Alejandro Niklison

Renée van de Schoor

Bring some booze, bring high spirits, bring the laughter, let’s do this baby!!! 🎭💪🙌🍻Join us this Tuesday at 7pm on Zoom!

Join Zoom Meeting…

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020

Passcode: nodrama

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