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We’re are thrilled to inform you, your chance to shine in the main production is here. We will be holding auditions for this Winters Production, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

A classic story of good versus evil, law versus the gun, one man versus Liberty Valance. A tale of love, hope, and revenge set against the vicious backdrop of a lawless society. A young scholar from New York travels west in search of a new life he arrives beaten and half-dead on the dusty streets of Twotrees. Rescued from the plains, the town soon becomes his home as he finds the love of a local woman. This love gives him a purpose in the broken land, but is it enough to save him from the vicious outlaw who wants him dead?

Ransome Foster – From New York, well read and well spoken. He is stubborn and often arrogant, but always well-meaning.

Hallie Jackson – She is a strong-minded and rough-talking girl. Underneath her rough exterior is a beautiful and caring individual.

Bert Barricune – Bert is a true gunslinger, he is worn and battered looking, but clearly handsome. He speaks only when he must.

Liberty Valance – Liberty is a Southern gentleman, but his polite manners don’t disguise the scars on his face. He is terrifyingly unpredictable.

Marshal Johnson – The Marshal talks the talk, but when it comes down to it, he’s a coward.

Jane Dowitt – Jane is an enthusiastic reporter for a small local paper.

The Narrator – The spirit of the West, who appears to the audience as a young, well-mannered lady.

Jim ‘The Reverend’ Mosten – Jim is a young black swamper, He is kind, enthusiastic, well-mannered, full of energy and easy to fall in love with.

Auditions will be held on Sunday the 30th of September at 3pm and Tuesday 2nd of October at 7pm, in Synge Street CBS.
To sign up for auditions, please email Declan Ryan, at, expressing which roles you would like to audition for and which of the two auditions dates would be of interest.

We’re crossing our fingers for you!



Ladies and Gentleman! It is time.
It is your time to shine!

Dave McGowan and Krate Cosgrave are directing a wonderful piece  called She Kills Monsters, that will be on in the Main Stage of Smock Alley Theatre from the 3rd of July till the 7th.

And you can audition for it NOW.

Auditions will be held on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of March. If you want to audition, please send and an email to express your interest to: and we will send you on the audition pieces.
Location TBC.

In your email, please include:

  • Name.
  • Email address.
  • Phone number.
  • Audition day preferences? (if you are unable to make either of  these days, we may be able to accomodate an alternate time.)
  • Is there any dates during the rehearsal period you will be on vacation/absent?
  • Role preferences.
  •  Any other relevant training/experience, e.g. stage combat, theatre, D&D etc.

Note: We intend to double up roles Narrator and Farrah are likely (but not guaranteed) to be played by the actors playing Gabbi/Tina. Similarly there’s a number of scenes with various types of Monsters with brief non-speaking stage combat appearances currently Gabbi/Tina/Miles/Steve are likely to cover these as well.

Agnes Evans – is the protagonist of our story. She’s strong, determined, but sceptical. She lost her family some years ago, but is only finally packing up their stuff because she’s moving in with her boyfriend. She never knew her sister Tilly very well, but she sets out on a new path to get to know her, through Dungeons & Dragons. She works at her old high school.

Tilly Evans/Tillius the Paladin – is Agnes’ younger sister, now deceased. The two never had much in common. Tilly was into experiments, adventure and roleplaying games while her sister was into boys and pop music. She’s what society would call a “tomboy” and the play calls a “girl-nerd”. She was famous around town for her Dungeons & Dragons skills, and even though life wasn’t always easy for her being different, she stayed tough, loving and kind.

Lilith Morningstar – Demon Queen and high school student. The strongest adventurer, loyal friend of Tilly’s and gruff with others, and tough as nails in the biggest battle- until you mention telling her dad something she doesn’t want him to know! She’s hiding a couple of secrets.

Orcus, Demon – Orcus is a bit of a slacker and has kind of had it with the whole big bad demon thing. After a while having adventurers stomp into your place demanding this and that just wore thing. He just wants to sit back and enjoy some quality t.v.

Kalliope Darkwalker, Dark Elf – Graceful, agile and thoughtful. She is the quieter adventurer, knowledgeable and stoic. Sister of Orcus in real life, with a few secrets of her own.

Chuck – is our Dungeon Master (and no, that’s not kinky). He is a self-proclaimed massive nerd and wears it as a badge of honour, throwing himself into the game with theatricality and aplomb. He is very awkward outside of D&D, especially with the ladies, trying to cover up his insecurities with arrogance, but we see his kind nature as he helps Agnes play the game.

Vera – is Agnes best friend and colleague, a no-nonsense school guidance counsellor. Fiercely loyal, moral, calls you out on stupid behaviour and not willing to let you drop out of your classes.

Steve/The Great Mage Steve – is a high school guy who can’t seem to catch a break. Be it getting caught in disastrous battles or disastrous conversations.

Tina/Evil Tina – is a cheerleader by day, succubus by night, and really mean by both. She and her bff Gabbi are a couple of popular kid high-school bullies.

Gabbi/Evil Gabbi – is a cheerleader by day, succubus by night, and really mean by both. She and her bff Tina are a couple of popular kid high-school bullies.

The Narrator – male or female, steers us through the story with gravitas, good humour and (sometimes lame) jokes.

Farrah – is a fairy, but touch her and she’ll rip your hand off. She is a certified badass, you can keep your dainty fluttering and fairy dust to yourself.


Smock Alley’s Scene + Heard Festival, from 13 February – 3 March, is back. And for the third year in a row, No Drama Theatre is entering a piece!

Last Shindig a uniquely dark and very funny piece stole our audience’s hearts and imaginations: Insomina. For Scene + Heard 2018, this piece will be expanded, and we want you to audition!

Auditions for “Insomnia” will be held on Wednesday the 6th of December at 6 pm in the CBS on Synge Street. Play dates yet to be confirmed by the festival.

„I kind of wish now I had offered him a cashew nut instead of my leap card, just to see if his little squirrel fingers would have gone for it.“
–„I figure you have come up with a solution?“
„I have. Though now I seem to have forgotten what the problem was…“

HER has managed to capture those annoying little voices in her head that keep her up all night and tied them down. What to do next – she has absolutely no idea.

We are looking for TWO people. Preferably, one man and one woman, to embody the irritating voices in the head of character HER and the persona of Insomnia. The director is looking for chemistry between the two actors and tt is important to have a sense of physical comedy.
Any other talent, from beat boxing to tap-dancing, are mostly welcome too!

If you want to audition, please email our director: corinna.reichle at web dot de and she will make sure to send you a copy of the audition script!

Auditions Coming


As you may have heard, the directors of our Winter One Act Show have been chosen, which means the next step is to assemble three wonderful casts! There will be auditions on THREE seperate dates: The first of which will be taking place on Wednesday 18th of October at 7.30pm in Synge Street School. (Venue may change due to availability, any change will be announced beforehand.)

The auditions on Wednesday are for the comedy piece “The Virtuous Burglar”, directed by No Drama stalwart John Fox.

“A somewhat dark comedy about the secrets and lies that two couples share, and The Burglar (and his wife) who get caught in the middle of their trysts.”

Character List:
-The Burglar (Male): between 25 and 35, has a sensitive and good soul in spite of his profession.
-The Burglar’s wife (Female): between 25 and 35, has a very over protective relationship with her husband.
-Man (Male): Between 25 and 45 – The owner of the home the action takes place in, he is a well to-do-city council man who is married to Anna, but is having an affair with Woman
-Woman (Female): Between 20 and 35 – She is married to Antonio but is having an affair with Man and is terrified of being caught
-Anna (Female): Between 25 and 45 – she is married to Man but is having an affair with Antonio
-Antonio (Male): Between 20 and 30 – a foreigner, he is married to Woman but is having an affair with Anna.
-Second Burglar: He/she is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. A short role that would suit a wide selection of people.

The show(s) will run from Tuesday 12th of December to Saturday 16th of December in the Teachers’ Club. If you are interested in auditioning, please send us a message on Facebook or email us on detailing what part you would be interested in auditioning for so we can book you in and send you the relevant audition piece. Please note in order to audition you must be a fully paid up member of No Drama for the month of October, you can pay at the next workshop or at the audition and the cost is €25 per calender month.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and in your email over the coming days, as more audition information is coming for this and the other two plays! (But just because you were so good and read all the way to the bottom of this long text post, there will be auditions on Saturday 21st October for “The Problem” directed by John Lawlor, and on Monday 23rd October for “Five Kinds of Silence” directed by Tamryn Reinecke. Aren’t you glad you stuck with it now??)


Hello and welcome to the No Drama Summer Production 2017. I am very proud and honoured to have been given this opportunity to direct a wonderful band of actors in this fantastic play with my talented, insightful Assistant Director Adam Walsh.

So, the search for the cast begins…

This play is an emotional montage of hope, hurt, betrayal, love, rivalry, ambition, deceit, pride, conceit, determination and on and on, all compounded within the debate of Art versus Science. The past versus the future, the pursuit of knowledge and the value and importance of human relationships.

Auditions will be held in the school on
SUN 26th March (4pm – 8pm)
& TUES 28th March (7pm – 10pm)
Please be advised that the process may run on longer than these times (Bring a snack)
Tea and coffee will be provided.

All members of No Drama are invited to come along and audition, it’s a great learning experience for future auditions you may have in your acting career. The casting panel will be made up of myself, Adam Walsh and Declan Ryan. We will be looking for versatility, ability to take direction, focus, commitment, enthusiasm and respect for yourself, your fellow actors and the script.

“An Experiment with an Air Pump “ is an English play set in two different eras, 200 years apart. We would ask you to audition in a neutral accent and focus on the emotion in the script and movement in the space rather than worry about accents or where you are from.

I hope you will have fun during the audition process and try different things. The characters are below with a brief description.

    You can choose up to two characters to audition for.
    Please email me your preferred characters.

Please note that you may be asked to read for another character on the day.

Auditionees need to be aware that the character of Isobel is most challenging and age for this performance is irrelevant. I would encourage all the female auditionees to try out for it.

For the characters of Joseph Fenwick and Susannah Fenwick… these will double up and play the roles of Ellen and Tom. You will be required to learn and deliver a short monologue for your audition.

Also the role of Armstrong will double up and also play the role of Tom. Likewise Harriet and Kate will be played by the same actor.

Thanks everyone, any questions please fire them my way and I shall answer as best I can.

Looking forward to seeing you all,


Joseph Fenwick, (mid 40s -50s-60s) Physician, scientist, radial, cynical, self assured. Dismissive of his wife and focused on his work

Susannah Fenwick, ( mid 30s -50s ) His wife, dreamy an artist, frustrated, drinks too much to escape her life, sad and lonely. Trying to find her voice

Harriet Fenwick (late teens -20s) daughter. She looks up to her father. She is clever but short tempered, controlling and ambitious.

Maria Fenwick (late teens – 20s) Harriets twin. Romantic, softer than Harriet. Always vying for attention. Engaged but we never see her fiancée.

Peter Mark Roget ( 20s-30s ) Fenwicks companion, a fellow scientist. The moral compass of the play. Highly intelligent, intellectually and emotionally.

Thomas Armstrong (20s -30s) also a fellow scientist. Ruthless and shallow, he will stop at nothing to further his scientific knowledge. Has no regard for ethics, morality or human emotions .

Isobel Bridie age N/A. A servant with a twisted spine. Highly intelligent but knows her place.


Ellen. A scientist who is struggling with her relationships, ambition and ethics.

Tom. Ellen’s Husband. An English lecturer who has been made redundant, is depressed, jealous and bitter. He also acts morally superior and is more emotionally in tune with human ethics

Phil. A building surveyor. Content in his ignorance. Comfortable in himself, cocky and comedic.

Kate. A fellow scientist with Ellen. She has offered Ellen a job and is righteous about her scientific research and the quest for knowledge and understanding. Is in direct conflict with Tom.

Please note these are general character descriptions and I would invite each of you to bring your own interpretation to your chosen characters.
Also feel free to do some research yourself.

Scenes that we will be looking at on Sunday and Tuesday will be emailed to you on request.
Let us know what day you will be auditioning.

Thanks again.
Louise and Adam
loudunne at

Closer Cast

Introducing the cast of No Drama Theatre’s production of “Closer” by Patrick Marber.

Left to right: David Breen (Dan), Ellen Nolan (Alice), Siobhan Hickey (Director), Helen McGrath (Anna) and Hans Vennevertloo (Larry).

Many thanks to all those who auditioned (you were all amazing!) and a special shout out to Adam Walsh, Louise Dunne, and Renee van de Schoor for assisting with the audition process.

Closer will be in The Teacher’s Club, Parnell Square, Dublin in the last week of April.

Let the rehearsals begin!



Auditions will take place on:

  • Sunday 2nd Oct in CBS Synge St from 4pm until 8pm
  • Monday 3rd Oct in The Harbour Playhouse from 6pm until 11pm

Callbacks will take place on:

  • Sunday 9th Oct in The Harbour Playhouse from 3pm until 8pm.

Register your interest by emailing Renée Van de Schoor on including in your email:

  • Subject line containing “Audition – *character names*”
  • The two characters you would like to read for
  • Any time restrictions on the above mentioned dates
  • If possible, a short note on why you would like to read for your chosen characters.

Scenes for audition will be emailed to auditionees on Sunday 25th September. Read the scenes. Be comfortable with the scenes. It is not necessary to be off-script for the auditions.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email Renée or Shivvy Hickey (
Please note that:

  • To audition, you must be a fully paid up member of No Drama, i.e. have paid the monthly fees
  • If you are to receive a callback, it may not be for characters you initially auditioned for.
  • Accents are not necessary
  • Wear comfortable clothes for the audition
  • To get a feel for the script, read Act 1 (Act 2 contains the big reveal)

CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS (Including a brief description of each character by the actors from the BBC adaptation):
Mr. Thomas Rogers:
Middle-aged man servant. Quick and deft. Hounded from prior employments by cruel gossip, the new butler has nothing left in this world besides his wife, Ethel. Rogers is a very loyal and proper servant.

Noah Taylor on Rogers:
“Rogers is a dangerous and duplicitous fellow. He’s skilled at presenting a fawning, subservient image to his masters, whilst plotting away against them downstairs. He is frustrated and bitter with his lot in life and takes it out on his poor long-suffering wife Ethel.”

Fred Narracott:
Delivers groceries and brings the guests to the island. (very small part)

Mrs. Ethel Rogers:
Thin, frightened, meek and biddable housekeeper. Ethel is the wife of Thomas Rogers on whom she is utterly dependent. A life of service and the stain of rumour have weakened her soul. Ethel’s one retreat is in the kitchen, where she truly excels.

Anna Maxwell Martin on Ethel Rogers:
“She’s very damaged. She’s cowed by life, dedicated to her job but very scared of her husband.”

Vera Claythorne:
25, good looking woman. Former governess who comes to the Island to serve as a secretary. Very intelligent and capable character. Vera is decent and polite and plays down her compelling beauty to evade the attention of men. Very nervous at times which can lead to hysteria.

Maeve Dermody on Vera Claythorne:
“She has everything going on, she is so complicated and unexpected. She’s really strong – She has these jobs and supports herself as a single woman in the 1930s so she’s powerful in that way. But she won’t show anyone her true self…”

Philip Lombard:
Attractive, lean man of 34. Well tamed, touch of an adventurer.
Mysterious, curious and resourceful man. He’s bolder and more cunning that most of the characters. A natural predator in any circumstance, and he knows it.

Aidan Turner on Philip Lombard:
“It was a nice change to play somebody who doesn’t really care about anyone but himself. He’s totally shady. He’s kind of amoral as well and has a complete disregard for humanity. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do, I wouldn’t put anything past him. He’s a nasty kind of guy and you get the impression he’s done some horrible things in his life and he’s not really regretful of any of them.”

Anthony Marston:
Rich, athletic man. 23, good looking, spoiled, not very intelligent.

Douglas Booth on Marston:
“What’s interesting about Marston is that he is truly unaware of his secret, of his darker side, because he is just so thoughtless, so uncaring and self-centred that he’s not even aware. Marston is a reckless young man who doesn’t really think about much else other than what is directly in front of him and his own desires, needs and wants.”

William Blore:
Middle-aged, thickset man. Wearing rather loud clothes, giving the idea of a South-African gold magnate. His eyes dart about making notes of everything,
“He is ill-at-ease with the complex social web in which he finds himself trapped.”

General Mackenzie:
Upright and decorated war hero. He is decent, upstanding and thoroughly romantic. Gentle face. Without any doubt a patriot, yet there is much about the war that haunts him.

Sam Neill on General Mackenzie:
“As for so many millions of others, the battles of the First World War took their toll on him – there wasn’t anyone that came out of that war undamaged. He is a damaged man.”

Emily Brent:
Tall, thin, spinster who has devoted her life to improving the lot of young women. Her commitment to Christ has no limits, those who fail to meet her strict moral standards inevitably suffer the blunt end of her intractable beliefs. Ruthless woman.

Miranda Richardson on Emily Brent:
“She starts out as this monstrous, bible reading, God fearing, knitting person. But as time goes on you find out more about her.. “

Sir Lawrence Wargrave:
Recently retired judge. Once possessed a brilliant legal mind. Highly intelligent man with a commanding personality. Profoundly frail and battling against a crumbling memory.

Charles Dance on Justice Wargrave:
“He is multi-faceted and you never know quite what he’s up to. On the bench he had acquired a reputation for levelling the most severe of penalties to people that appeared before him. He was not a merciful judge.”

Dr. Armstrong:
Fussy, good looking man of 44. Very confident and precise.
Looks rather tired. Nerve specialist.
“It takes little to expose his terrible temper, which sours life for all who cross his path.“

One Act Festival!

No Drama will once again be entering the One Act Circuit in a fevered quest for glory, acclaim and good times. His chairness, Mr. Johnny Shortall will be directing a self written piece that appeared in a shindig some many moons ago, “Hardboiled”: a parody of old school detective film noire. The play will run in the Pearse Centre from the 5th – 8th of October, before being launched onto the campaign circuit in 5 select venues around the country in late October and early November.

Mr Declan Ryan will be retaining his role as the lead character “Frank” but the other 3 roles will be openly auditioned:

Donna: A sassy intern with a quick mouth and a quicker draw on her pistol.

Titania: A beautiful seductress, recently widowed from her wealthy husband.

Winston: An old apprentice of Frank’s with nothing but a grudge and gun to his name.

Auditions will be held on Sunday the 11th of September. If you are interested in auditioning then please drop us a line with which character you would like to go for and the audition script and proposed circuit dates will be forwarded to you.

It is envisioned that we will be performing in the following venues and dates:

  • Naas, 27/28/29 October
  • Goresbridge Kilkenny, 27/28/29 October
  • Skerries: 4/5/6 November
  • Cavan Town hall: 4/5/6 November
  • Mullagh, Co. Cavan: 11/12/13 November
  • Please confirm that you will be available over these weekends and tell us any dates that do not suit so that we can make arrangements.

    The Trial Auditions

    They will take place at CBS School, Synge Street, home of No Drama on:

    • Tuesday March 1st from 6:30 until late
    • and Sunday March 6th from 3pm- 7pm(ish).
    • Sunday March 6th from 12 – 3pm at the Harbour Playhouse (map here)

      All auditionees are asked to audition for K. and one other part. Please read through the character profiles (or do your own research) and send an email of preference to Noel Cahill, the latest Director : or Due to time constraints, please get your email in as soon as possible. Note all actors are expected to know their lines by heart for the audition. You also have to be a member of No Drama to be cast (which in this case means being a paid up member for March). Cheers!

      Character Profiles

      K.(m/f – originally male but all actors are asked to audition and try for K.) The hero and protagonist of the play. It is K.’s trial. K was the ambitious, successful Chief Clerk of the Bank before his untimely arrest one morning for no reason. He is a shrewd, more-competent-than-kind, thirty-year-old man who slides into desperation while trying to grapple with an all-powerful Court and an invisible Law.

      Huld(m/f) K.’s fustian advocate who provides precious little in the way of action and far too much in the way of anecdote. He is a verbose hypochondriac who is unhelpful to all of his clients. He is a key part of K.’s trial, representing the enigmatic reality of the judicial system in which he works.

      Leni(f) She is Huld’s nurse and is instantly attracted to Joseph K.. She soon becomes his lover. Apparently, she finds accused men extremely attractive – the fact of their indictment makes them irresistible to her. She is open and frank with her feelings and desires, and often objectified by her employer, Huld.

      Block(m/f) Block, the Tradesman, is another accused man and client of Huld. His case is five years old, and he is but a shadow of the prosperous man he once was. All his time, energy, and resources are now devoted to his case. Although he has hired hack lawyers on the side, he is completely and pathetically subservient to Huld with whom he now lives. He represents a presage of what K. could become.

      Titorelli(m/f) Titorelli, the Painter, inherited the position of Court Painter from his father. He knows a great deal about the comings and goings of the Court’s lowest level. He offers to help K., and manages to unload a few identical landscape paintings on the accused man. He is expressive, opportunistic and strange.

      Guard 1(m/f) One of the two officers who arrest Joseph K. one morning. They both carry out the duty that they are required to do, neither disclose K.’s crime to him. They take some clothes belonging to K. and are later reprimanded for the crime once K. has informed the authorities. Willem/William is the younger of the two, he begs K. to let him go as he claims to have a fiancée waiting for him.

      Guard 2(m/f) One of the two officers who arrest Joseph K. one morning. They both carry out the duty that they are required to do, neither disclose K.’s crime to him. They take some clothes belonging to K. and are later reprimanded for the crime once K. has informed the authorities. Franz/Frank is the older of the two guards and may have had a run in with the law in his youth.

    Workshops, Auditions & Workshop Auditions

    Tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd) Noel Cahill will be running an audition workshop with a view to creating an entirely original piece.

    The audition is in the form of an informal, loose improv workshop where everyone gets the chance to show their stuff.
    It’s on the theme of ‘enemies’.

    Six actors will be cast after the audition (3 male, 3 female) and from there we will write and improvise a piece on the above-mentioned theme with the intent of performing this piece in approximately two months in front of our peers at the main No Drama Workshop.

    The actors will not be asked to write themselves, the writer/director will polish their words into a simple twenty minute piece which they will learn off and perform coming closer to November.
    Please come along and audition if interested, no experience needed, just hard work and plenty of enthusiasm.

    This audition workshop will be starting at 7pm sharp in CBS Synge Street alongside the usual No Drama workshop which is… all about auditioning!

    Facilitated by Daniel O’Brien the workshop is titled “Auditioning: Face the panel! Be the panel! Fake audition competition in a real life environment.”
    Learn how to deal with nerves, rejection, and preparation.