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Closer Cast

Introducing the cast of No Drama Theatre’s production of “Closer” by Patrick Marber.

Left to right: David Breen (Dan), Ellen Nolan (Alice), Siobhan Hickey (Director), Helen McGrath (Anna) and Hans Vennevertloo (Larry).

Many thanks to all those who auditioned (you were all amazing!) and a special shout out to Adam Walsh, Louise Dunne, and Renee van de Schoor for assisting with the audition process.

Closer will be in The Teacher’s Club, Parnell Square, Dublin in the last week of April.

Let the rehearsals begin!

And Then There Were None Starts Tuesday

No Drama Theatre is proud to present Agatha Christie’s most celebrated work “And Then There Were None”.

Ten strangers receive a mysterious invite to a dinner party on an isolated island.

One by one, their various sordid pasts catch up with them.
One by one, they are accused.
One by one, they meet their end.

Tickets available at the smock alley website.

Peter Blennerhassett as Philip Lombard
Noel Cahill as Thomas Rogers
Kate Cosgrave as Vera Elizabeth Claythorne
Louise Dunne as Emily Caroline Brent
Szabi Fernczi as Fred Narracott
Triona Keane as Ethel Rogers
Michael O’Kelly as Dr Edward Armstrong
Declan Ryan as William Henry Blore
Robert Shaw-Smith as General Mackenzie
Ciaran Traenor as Anthony Marston
Adam Walsh as Justice Lawrence Wargrave

Director – Renée van de Schoor
Assistant Director – Siobhan Hickey
Producer – David Breen

Cast Announcement!

No Drama’s production of ‘And Then There Were None’ will be gracing the Boys School stage in Smock Alley from the 24th until the 28th January 2017 for 6 performances.

And we are delighted to finally be able to announce our wonderful cast.

Back (left – right) – Adam Walsh (Sir Lawrence Wargrave), Declan Ryan (William Blore), Michael O’Kelly (Dr. Armstrong), Peter Blennerhassett (Philip Lombard), Noel Cahill (Rogers), Robert Shaw-Smith (General Mackenzie)
Middle (left – right) – Ciaran Treanor (Anthony Marston), Szabi Ferenczi (Narracott)
Front (left – right) – Kate Cosgrave (Vera Claythorne), Renée Van de Schoor (Director), Louise Dunne (Emily Brent), Triona Keane (Mrs Rogers)

No Drama Double Bill

No Drama Theatre are proud to present this double bill of original theatre.

  • Where – The Pearse Centre
  • When – 5th – 8th October
  • Time – 8pm
  • Tickets – €10 (on the door)


“Symbiotic” is play unlike any other! Three actors and a writer combined their ideas and inspiration and crafted a sentient piece of theatre.

Three people, one room and a different out come each night..come and see, who knows what will happen…

Starring – Fintan Ryan, Izzy Hughes and Annette Burns
Written by Sarah Lynne, Assisted by John Fox


(Soon to be working the one act circuit!)

The rain hammers down. Parts of the puzzle are starting to slot into place, but are the clues all they seem? The pieces are moving on the board, but is everyone playing the same game? Somebody is dead, stabbed through the heart. Somebody is running from the law, looking for a saviour. Somebody is out for revenge, relentlessly tracking their prey. Somebody doesn’t see why this couldn’t all wait till the morning. But Frank O’Hara is on the scene, and that means someone’s body on the floor.

Starring – Declan Ryan, Kate Cosgrave, Charlotte Keating and Malcolm Bolton
Written by Johnny Shortall

Play Announcement!

Play announcement time!!

The play selected for the next No Drama main production (Director Renée Van De Schoor with Siobhan Hickey as Assistant Director) which will run in January (dates and location to be announced later because we love a bit of suspense) is…

*drum roll*

“And Then There Were None”

A play adapted from Agatha Christie’s novel of the same name.
Ten guilty strangers are trapped on an island. One by one, they are accused of murder. One by one, they start to die…

Audition dates to be announced next week.

Let’s start getting excited!

One Act Festival!

No Drama will once again be entering the One Act Circuit in a fevered quest for glory, acclaim and good times. His chairness, Mr. Johnny Shortall will be directing a self written piece that appeared in a shindig some many moons ago, “Hardboiled”: a parody of old school detective film noire. The play will run in the Pearse Centre from the 5th – 8th of October, before being launched onto the campaign circuit in 5 select venues around the country in late October and early November.

Mr Declan Ryan will be retaining his role as the lead character “Frank” but the other 3 roles will be openly auditioned:

Donna: A sassy intern with a quick mouth and a quicker draw on her pistol.

Titania: A beautiful seductress, recently widowed from her wealthy husband.

Winston: An old apprentice of Frank’s with nothing but a grudge and gun to his name.

Auditions will be held on Sunday the 11th of September. If you are interested in auditioning then please drop us a line with which character you would like to go for and the audition script and proposed circuit dates will be forwarded to you.

It is envisioned that we will be performing in the following venues and dates:

  • Naas, 27/28/29 October
  • Goresbridge Kilkenny, 27/28/29 October
  • Skerries: 4/5/6 November
  • Cavan Town hall: 4/5/6 November
  • Mullagh, Co. Cavan: 11/12/13 November
  • Please confirm that you will be available over these weekends and tell us any dates that do not suit so that we can make arrangements.

    Our Next Director

    Announcement time!!

    The Director of the next No Drama production has been selected.
    The unbelievably talented Renée Van De Schoor will be stepping up to the directorial plate with Siobhan Hickey as Assistant Director.

    Details on the play selected and audition information to follow in the coming weeks.

    Get excited, people! It’s all go from here.

    Making Plays

    No Drama Theatre is now accepting applications for the positions of director, assistant director and production manager for the next TWO No Drama productions, January and (potentially) June 2017!
    If you are interested, simply send us a message or email contact at nodramatheatre dot com and tell us what role, or roles, you would like to apply for.

    A certain amount of prior experience is required in order to be eligible to be considered for the director’s chair and so we would ask that you please include a quick summary of your past adventures in the theatre. Experience of having directed plays outside of No Drama is acceptable and welcome. If you have not directed outside of No Drama, you will have to have served your time as assistant director on a previous No Drama play and have directed a Shindig piece in order to be eligible.

    Don’t have any experience in directing? Don’t worry! The roles of assistant director and production manager are open to all members of No Drama.

    Appointments to director and production manager will be made by the committee from the pool of applicants and the new director will then decide on his or her assistant in consultation with the committee.

    If you have any reservations or just some questions to ask, feel free to drop us a line. Alternatively, hunt down one your friendly committee members, Johnny Shortall, Malcolm Bolton, David Breen, Kate Cosgrave, and Shivvy Hickey (there is also a new committee member so keep an eye out for the announcement!).

    The Readers’ Group is open and underway (Join the facebook group!) and the deadline for play submissions is 31st July.
    So there ya are now, a whole heap of excitement for you on this fine Saturday morning. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and get applying.