Your next chance to get on stage


Saturday 18th December – Submission date now passed.

Not content with staging one production before Christmas, we want more! We’re not ashamed to brag about the oceans of talent oozing from our members so we are taking out our SHINDIG boots and wiping off the dust in preparation for another night of acts more varied than a Benetton ad.

As always the SHINDIG is a showcase night, where fully monthly paid up members (thats only 25 euros a month by the way) have the opportunity to perform, write or direct a short pieces of their choosing (up to 15 minutes in length) in front of an audience. The date is Saturday December 18th at 7:30pm in the Teachers Club!

Invite your friend, family, foe or feline and wow them with your talents onstage. This will be follwed by our Chrimbo party where we once again pat each other on the back and say how great we are, just in time for Santy.

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